The Golden Cadillacs

Roots Rock from Sacramento, California

The Golden Cadillacs are comprised of life-long friends & habitants of numerous corners of the Northern California valleys & foothills. Consistent as the golden sun in the rolling hills which tie them, the band brings a captivating show, constantly tuning their psych-country, roots-infused songwriting with an effortless charm.

The GCs are full steam ahead on the heels of their new EP, ‘Indian Yellow,’ released in May, 2015.  During years of progressing as writers and live performers, the band has created an EP that efficiently weaves honest stories with cleverly-arranged guitar soaked melody.  Take a look at the schedule to catch the band promoting their new release this summer !


Upcoming Events


The Golden Cadillacs on the Sacramento Beer Train

Sac Beer Train
02:00 PM-
4 Jun Saturday

The Golden Cadillacs @ Shady Lady

Shady Lady
09:00 PM-
18 Jun Saturday

The Golden Cadillacs @ Marco’s Cafe

Marco's / Lotus, CA
06:00 PM-
2 Jul Saturday

The Golden Cadillacs @ Floatopia 2016

The Dock
06:00 PM-
9 Jul Saturday

The Golden Cadillacs @ Folsom Thurs Night Concert Series

Historic Folsom Amphitheater
14 Jul Thursday

The Golden Cadillacs @ Capay Organic // Tomato Festival

Capay Organic Farms
07:00 PM-
16 Jul Saturday


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